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St. Joseph County's 'cold case' crew are volunteers.

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CTAC helps you keep your most important assets safe; whether it's visitors, employees, customers, family, or even yourself. We provide our clients with services to assess their risk, build a security preparedness plan, and train for the worst. These services are available for your home and business.


Threat Assessment and Analysis

We examine threats that exist within your business, organization or home. Our staff of experienced law enforcement and security professionals are skilled at finding vulnerabilities that put you at risk. We use our expertise to analyze the situations for our clients and provide them with a security preparedness plan. We help our clients mitigate their risk and limit their vicarious responsibility in the case of an incident.

Mitigate Risk and Vulnerabilities

We follow through on our threat assessment and preparedness plan to help our clients solve their security problems and mitigate their risk. Our expert team of security and law enforcement professionals will develop custom solutions to ensure that you and your most important assets are kept safe.


Incident Training and Education

Planning is just step one; every member of your business, organization, or family must also know exactly what to do to protect themselves in case of an incident. CTAC uses our experience in SWAT, law enforcement, and security to educate our clients on what to do if the unthinkable happens. Whether it is in-home tactical handgun training or comprehensive crisis training for a large organization; we are ready to help you protect your most important assets.




Corbett Threat Assessment Consultants, LLC


Indiana, United States

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